Diary 2007

As the bikes had all run so well during the 2006 season, there was very liitle to do during the winter. I had damaged the fuel tank on KTT966 in a fall at Cadwell Park in 2005 and felt that the time was right to have a proper repair and paint job. The bike looks very pretty again.

I have decided not to take out an ACU racing licence any more. Racing requires a lot of time to be spent in preparation and transporting bikes around in a van. During a typical racing day, very little time is spent riding. I've enjoyed racing very much but want to spend more time riding my road Velos, perhaps doing a bit of touring. I wasn't actually very good at racing but I do believe that people found pleasure in seeing a Mkviii being used for what it was designed to do. I'll do a few track days and parades.

June 26 &27th Coupes Moto Legende at Dijon Prenois circuit. I took KTT966 and the Beasley and was accompanied by John Hannis with his Mkvi KTT replica and John Mundey with his Mki KTT replica. Both of these bikes go very well. I already knew that the atmosphere at Coupes Moto Legende is very friendly from previous visits to Montlehry  but was surprised how good the circuit and facilities are at Dijon Prenois. You get three rides per bike over the two days, usually for 20 minutes. The altitude made bikes run a bit rich but the Mkviii and the Beasley went very well and were a pleasure to ride, as usual. I shall definitely return next year. Saturday evening in the paddock was made more entertaining by live music provided by our Swiss neighbours, we were all grateful for it. In Class C there were no less that seven Mki cammy Velos going round together, four of them genuine KTTs. It must be some time since there were so many out together on a circuit. There were also many interesting and varied other makes and models, some of which I had never seen before. Quite a lot of the French riders took the opportunity to wear period clothing and looked very effective for it. There are plenty of photo's on : www.photo-legende.com