Spares for the MkVIII KTT - Page 1

July 2006 - The following spares are available form Owen De'Ath :

Valves made in 21-4n material and tuftride coated. Both valves have 5\16" stems because with modern valve material, there is no need for the exhaust valve to be 3\8". I have used valves of these dimensions and of this material for several years with no problem - it's worth noting that the exhaust valve is 20% lighter as a result of the thinner stem. The valves are 2 mm longer to obviate the need for valve caps.

Inlet valve £15.70       Exhaust valve £14.70

Valve Guides - Made in Colsibro ( a modern equivalent of aluminium bronze ) inlet and exhaust guides are both £8.00 each.

Five Speed Gearboxes - made by Quaife, I have one fitted in my Beasley and the gearchange is very sweet and positive. Owen tells me that he has run out of some types and will be taking orders on a future batch

Velocette Drawings - Owen has a comprehensive set of drawings and will supply prints. Very useful if you want to make new parts or wish to check tolerances.

Bk1-6 KSS \ MSS Gearbos shells - castings have been proven but Owen needs orders to make a minimum quatity.

Owen can be contacted through his website :

November 2006 - Special cams are being offered by John Paterson.

These are copies of the cams fitted to the Geoff Monty Velocette (GMV) as raced by Jervis Hyde, who claimed that these were the best of those produced by Doug Beasley and were safe to 8600 rpm.

Valve timing :

Inlet opens                   45 degrees BTDC

inlet closes                  74 degrees ABDC

exhaust opens            54 degrees BBDC

exhaust closes            61 degrees ATDC      cheking with .020" valve clearance

Price : £125.00 approx, plus postage.

John recently had a batch of Mkviii pistons made by Omega which soon sold out. He is contemplating having a further batch made at £120.00 each. They will be availble in the following sizes : Standard, plus 0.5mm (.020") and plus 1.0mm (.040")

John needs a minimum order of 10 , so if you need on, contact him promptly, as the closing date for orders is the 1st of January 2007.

John can be contacted by email : or by telephone : 01227   767569

November 2006 - The following newly made parts are available from  Ian Johns :

Adjustable magneto sprockets - see description on the technical page 'Ignition timing' and photograph below. For both platform and flange mounted magnetos      £28.00

Oldham couplings, both thicknesses, oversize tongues.                                                     


Rocker spindles                                                                                                                            

K321/     Oil jet - upper bevels                                                                                                                             

K231/3   Oil jet - cams                                                                                                                                  

K212/2   Crankshaft oil jet, aluminium, taper fitting into timong cover      £6.00                                 

K216   Rocker thrust washer      £1.00                                                                                                   

K127   Tongued washer for mainshaft

K49/6   KTT Vertical shafts      £26.00

K49/4   KSS Vertical shafts      £26.00                                                                                                                   

Compression plates

K96   Oil pump coupling

Some items are not priced as Ian makes them in small batches and the price fluctuates. All of the parts are made from original Veloce drawings and to the original material specification.  Ian is open to suggestions about what needs to be made.         

Ian Johns can be contacted by email :